What we do?

Exigence Technologies Inc. is an emerging B2B innovation partner serving the smart coatings & specialty chemicals industry. Our team has developed the highly-effective, ‘stimulus-responsive’ SymbiCoat™ family of monomers for incorporation into a variety of polymer coating systems, including acrylics, epoxies & polyurethanes.

Coatings and polymers that incorporate SymbiCoat™ monomers are best suited for end-use coating applications “Where Clean is Critical” – that is, in market segments such as food & beverage processing, industrial asset protection, water distribution and healthcare, where high performance microbial control is required.

Exigence Co-Founders Zach Wolff & Sheri Governo

The highly-skilled Exigence science and engineering team is the sole expert in its SymbiCoat™ chemistries, and is continuously innovating to create new, application-specific molecules and coatings demonstrators that meet and anticipate needs in the industrial smart coatings market.  Our team has deep expertise in monomer design and is available to help optimize integration of SymbiCoat™ into your product application.

Exigence Technologies employs a strategic partnering model. The Company’s significant advances in rechargeable monomers for hard and soft surface coatings are supported by a depth and breadth of intellectual property protection suitable for licensing and application across global markets by multinational partners in the coatings and specialty polymers industries.  For those partners requiring monomer supply, Exigence is working with a qualified supply chain partner that can meet your volume requirements.  Please contact us for more information on the benefits of incorporating our breakthrough monomer technologies into your resins, emulsions, or coatings formulations.

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