Food Processing & Packaging


Clean is Critical in Food Processing & Packaging. Microbes pose an ongoing contamination threat for food processors & packagers. Tens of millions of Americans and millions more people worldwide get sick from foodborne illnesses every year, and despite advances in healthcare, thousands die from preventable cases of foodborne disease.  

Product recalls due to microbial contamination are increasingly common, costing food processors hundreds of millions of dollars and damaging the value of their brands. Sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine bleach) is a commonly used disinfectant in the food processing industry in areas such as plant floors, drains and walls to conveyor lines and crevices in equipment.

Exigence’s products are  monomers become permanently non- leaching constituents of high molecular weigh polymers which are used to manufacture or coat the surfaces in these areas and are chemically inert when in the item or surface.

When a chlorine-releasing biocide such as sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite is used on the surface according to normal cleaning instructions (for non-food contact uses), and HACCP requirements for food manufacturing uses, the agency registered source of free chlorine provides an extended period of efficacy as compared with use in conjunction with polymers not containing the novel monomer.

Exigence is working with partners in value chain to address the need for improved and functional surfaces in food processing factories, such as drains, walls, floors and equipment

Our SymbiCoat™ monomers can extend the activity of chlorine many multiple times by binding chlorine to the surface and releasing it over time.

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