Healthcare & Hospitals


Clean is Critical in Healthcare.  The rise of antimicrobial resistance has made headlines globally and compelled agencies such as the CDC and WHO to sound the alarm regarding problem of drug-resistant bacteria and the devastating impact of these bugs via hospital acquired infection (HAI).

The first SymbiCoat™ monomers were originally designed for use in medical textile finishing,

but Exigence Technologies has successfully translated the monomer technology to hard surface coatings, thus expanding its applications to metals and plastics.

Exigence has created a family of coatings monomers, particularly for use in acrylic latex and epoxy coatings, which can have broad applications across healthcare.

SymbiCoat™ monomers are best suited for coatings applications on high-touch surfaces such as floors, walls and re-cleanable, multi-patient use equipment, as well as medical textiles such as scrubs, lab coats, and privacy curtains.  SymbiCoat™ also holds potential for use in air handling and water supply systems where risk of contamination and communication of viral or bacterial infection is high. Exigence is working with partners in the coatings and specialty chemicals industry with the aim to address the need for high-performance microbial control on environmental and equipment surfaces in healthcare & hospitals.