Industrial Coatings

From cooling towers to piping to storage tanks, industrial water infrastructure is subject to microbial contamination, biofilms, corrosion and microbial-induced degradation. You depend on coatings to protect your capital assets. You want your water systems to operate as efficiently as possible and to reduce fresh water consumption. Exigence has developed SymbiCoat™ coatings monomers that stabilize chlorine on submerged surfaces.


If your customers are looking for improved water infrastructure protection, consider adding SymbiCoat™ functionality into your coatings or specialty polymers.

SymbiCoat™ monomers have been designed for incorporation into industrial coatings formulations and specialty polymers. The functionality that SymbiCoat™ monomers provide is particularly suited for end-uses where sodium hypochlorite is employed in routine cleaning or maintenance of assets and environments, and high-performance microbial control is a necessity.

Industrial water systems and water infrastructure are typically subject to constant or pulse dosed sodium hypochlorite/chlorine concentrations.  SymbiCoat™ is unmatched in its ability to rapidly and repeatedly uptake sodium hypochlorite and stabilize it on surfaces, to allow the sodium hypochlorite to do what it does best: kill microbes fast.

Stabilization of chlorine at the material interface is a unique approach which may disrupt microbial attachment to the surface, creating ‘bottom up’ microbial control.

In water, SymbiCoat™ monomers excel at chlorine stabilization and exhibit a near-zero dissociation at the nitrogen-chlorine bond until the chlorine comes in direct contact with microbes.  In submerged water environments where minimal chlorine concentrations are present, or pulse dosing of chlorine is used, SymbiCoat™ can load and stabilize chlorine significantly faster and at lower chlorine concentrations than previous generation N-halamine technologies.

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