If you are looking to add value and functionality to your coatings or polymers, consider SymbiCoat™ monomers for applications Where Clean is Critical.

SymbiCoat™ monomers have been designed for incorporation into Industrial and Architectural Coatings formulations and Specialty Polymers.  The functionality that SymbiCoat™ monomers provide is particularly suited for end-uses where sodium hypochlorite is employed in routine cleaning of assets and environments, and high-performance microbial control is a necessity.

SymbiCoat™ is unmatched in its ability to rapidly and repeatedly uptake sodium hypochlorite and stabilize it on surfaces, to allow the sodium hypochlorite to do what it does best: kill microbes fast.

At Exigence, we specialize in acrylic latex integration, but our family of monomers includes variants for incorporation into epoxy, polyurethane and several other polymer systems, and we are continuously developing new prototypes.  With our large library of monomers, chances are – we have one to meet your specification.

Our SymbiCoat™ chemistries are highly customizable to the needs and specifications of a strategic partner or end user. They are intended for integration into polymers and coatings for new or existing customer product lines such as food processing conveyor belts, work surfaces, pipes and tubes, walls and floors. Coatings and polymers incorporating SymbiCoat™ can be bonded to natural fibres & synthetic textiles, ceramics, metals including stainless steel and hard polymers such as polyester, acrylic, or nylon.

If your target segments include Food & Beverage Processing environments, Industrial Water Infrastructure, Industrial Asset Protection or Healthcare Environments & Devices, SymbiCoat™ can add rapid “stimulus-response” functionality and value to your coatings and polymers.

If your customers are seeking better options for high-performance microbial control – think SymbiCoat™.  Where Clean is Critical.

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