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SymbiCoat™ Monomers: Making Chlorine Work Better, Longer

SymbiCoat™ monomers are unmatched in their ability to rapidly and repeatedly uptake sodium hypochlorite and stabilize it on surfaces,

Sodium hypochlorite is a potent, broad-spectrum disinfectant, but in liquid form, its activity dissipates quickly.  SymbiCoat™ monomers allow chlorine to remain on the surface for extended periods of time, so that the stabilized chlorine can continue to provide microbial protection.

Our SymbiCoat™ product family is a library of “rechargeable” monomers designed for integration into coating formulations and resin systems, for application to metal, textile and plastic surfaces. Our highly-effective molecules represent a step-change in efficiently stabilizing and storing chlorine.

SymbiCoat™ has been engineered for use in for wet or dry environments. By incorporating SymbiCoat™ monomers into a coating resin, the chlorine stabilizing and storing capability of SymbiCoat™ monomers becomes a permanent and integral function of the polymer or coating.  SymbiCoat™ functionality is engineered to remain intact as long as the coating remains on the surface.

What Is The SymbiCoat™ Difference?

  • Significantly faster recharge, with significantly less sodium hypochlorite, than previous generation rechargeable technologies
  • Inert & non-leaching, for longer functionality than market-leading technologies
  • Supports the use of chlorine, an oxidizing active ingredient that does not induce microbial resistance
  • Versatile – for use in various resin systems; wet/submerged* or dry environments**

*Note: submerged environments must contain a minimal chlorine concentration or be subject to pulse dose chlorine in order to support proper functioning of SymbiCoat™ monomers.

** Note: SymbiCoat-containing surfaces must be rinsed or sprayed with a sodium hypochlorite solution prior to use to permit the chlorine to “attach” to the surface. 

Product Support

Our team has the expertise to optimize integration of SymbiCoat™ into your polymer, coating resin or formulation, and will work with you to provide the technical support required for a successful product integration and launch. If your customer has a specific and challenging unmet need for microbial control, our team has the capability to customize SymbiCoat™ monomer design for your customer’s application.

Accessing SymbiCoat™ Technology

Exigence Technologies is an innovation partner and integration specialist support team.  SymbiCoat™ monomers and related chemical processes are strongly IP-protected globally through patents and patents pending owned by Exigence Technologies. For our partners, SymbiCoat™ can be accessed through intellectual property licensing or chemical supply.  For those partners requiring monomer supply, Exigence has a supply chain partner in place to meet your volume requirements. Please contact us for more information on incorporating this breakthrough smart coating technology into your product line.

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